Computer Science

Bachelor's degree programs in Computer Science encompass two distinct emphases: an information systems (or business) emphasis and a technical emphasis. While either emphasis will prepare a student for a computing career, there are important differences in the context of the work to be performed, the types of problems to be solved, and the types of systems to be designed and managed. For both emphases, starting positions include such titles as programmer, programmer-analyst, and network analyst.

The Information Systems (or business) emphasis focuses on the use of computer technology and information management methods to solve business problems. The Technical emphasis focuses on algorithms, theoretical foundations of computer science, and development of software. The technical emphasis requires a stronger math and science background. Be sure to see a Computer Science advisor to select the appropriate emphasis for you.

Baccalaureate schools may have multiple computing degree programs, often located in different departments, which are based on the Computer Science recommendations. Consult the baccalaureate school you are considering as a transfer school to determine the department location and specific requirements for the specific major program in which you are interested.

Information Technology Track
Information Technology Track IAI Recommendations
Technical Track
Technical Track IAI Recommendations

Be sure to consult the institution you plan on transferring to for course articulations.