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Illinois colleges and universities offer two different bachelor's degrees in Art: the professional Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) degree and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with a major in Art. In general, because the B.F.A. degree prepares students for graduate school, it requires 70 or more semester credits in Art, while the B.A. degree (major in Art) requires about 40 to 50 semester credits in Art. At some schools, a B.A. degree requires competency in a foreign language, while the B.F.A. degree does not.

To transfer as a junior into either a B.F.A. program or B.A. program with a major in Art, students should select one of the options below in consultation with an Art department advisor. Most schools require a portfolio review for admission to a B.F.A. program, for registration in a second studio course in a medium and/or for scholarship consideration.

The AA and AFA represent two different tracks in Studio Art Education. The AA should be pursued by those students ultimately seeking a liberal arts baccalaureate degree (typically a BA) in the Studio Arts. The AFA should be pursued by those students ultimately seeking a professional baccalaureate degree (typically a BFA) in the Studio Arts. The AA completes the General Education component prior to transfer while the AFA completes more professional coursework and fulfills the General Education requirements over the span of a four year degree as do native students respectively. It is important that transfer students seek advising from their community college faculty advisor in their first year of study and subsequently from the receiving school at least a semester before transferring.

Beginning students who have not made this academic decision should begin their studies by completing Art 904 (Drawing 1), Art 907 (Two Dimensional Design), one course in their campus' art history survey sequence, an English Composition course (C1900 or C1901), and a general education Math course. These courses apply to both degrees and will allow the student at least one semester to work with an advisor in setting long range educational goals.

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Be sure to consult the institution you plan on transferring to for course articulations.